The CZ (Cubic Zirconia) are especially synthetic-processed diamonds. They sparkle like real diamonds and have a variety of gem colors.

The 100 cut is the unique cut of Merii jewelry. Seemore details as follows.

It is the outstanding handmade jewelry made of high quality materials under standards comparable to those of fine jewelry, with selection of premium Cubic Zirconia. All materials used by Merii are nickel free metals as nickel is a cause of allergies and allergic contact dermatitis. Merii’s design takes into consideration of the shapes that do not harm all jewelry wearers.

Merii’s body is made of 92.5% real silver, plated with rhodium for shiny finished effect of the products and protection of silver from being exposed to air which is a cause of tarnishing and turning black. However, it is recommended to clean and wipe the jewelry after use and keep it in a closed jewelry box to protect it from being exposed to air in order to maintain the jewelry’s quality and aesthetic. Please also avoid chemicals such as perfume, alcohol or sweat.

How to take care of silver jewelry

Avoid spray, perfume, alcohol. When not using for a long period of time, clean and wipe the products and keep them in the closed product case that is humidity free.

For couple rings, you can have them engraved according to our design selection as follows. Click for more information

The CZ jewelry should be
kept in the humidity free area and avoid touching against hard materials and
any risks of CZ jewelry damage.

You can measure your finger by wrapping cut paper around your finger and measure the paper with a ruler or measure a diameter of your existing ring and compare it with our ring size’s table here.

Initially, we will check if such product can be resized as required by the customer. If, after having checked, it can be resized, we will send the product to our production team to resize it. The resizing duration takes approximately 20 days. This may incur additional expenses. Our salesperson will inform you of all expenses prior to providing such service.

Find interesting offers at Special Offers section or if you want to find information about Merii jewelry, you can view more information at All Jewelry section, on our website or contact us online at Line ID: @Merii. Our salesperson will assist you in recommending jewelry that matches you.

The 925 or 92.5% silver is the value of pure silver which is a standard value of sterling silver that is commonly used to make

White Body

The body is plated with rhodium using a modern, high technology and quality plating machine. The product is plated with rhodium of 0.05-micron thickness.

Gold Body

The body is plated with pure gold. Merii’s products are 18K plated and 23K plated, depending on the product types. The products are plated with gold of 0.3-micron thickness, except rings which are plated with gold of 1-micron thickness.

Currently, the Company does not have a policy to purchase back or exchange the products. For pawning, it depends on each pawnbroker’s requirements and policy.


You can select and purchase products at our stores. Currently, we have 4 branches as follows:

- Siam Paragon (Counter), 2 floor, Department Store at Star Dome, Located in the cashier area, opposite the Krungsri bank, and near the escalator.
- Central World (Counter), 2nd floor, department store side, close to the escalator, Shop I Studio zone.
- Central Pinklao (Counter), 1st floor, department store side, women jewelry department, close to the cashier counter.
- Central Bangna (Counter), 1st floor, department store side, close to the escalator and Swarovski brand counter.

Or you can select and purchase products online at our website or other channels e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Line, Shopee, and Lazada.

For online channels, you can make payment as follows:

*Paypal is a world class payment service provider starting its business since 1998 and is a registered business, using PYPL abbreviation, in the NASDAQ stock exchange in the USA.

When the store receives a payment confirmation, the store will prepare the product for delivery within 2 working days and the carrier will deliver the product to the customer within 1-3 days. (The delivery duration may change depending on situation beyond the store’s control.)

The customer will receive a tracking number of every ordered item. In case of any unexpected event, we will do our best effort to coordinate with the carrier to follow up on the product.

You can request a tax invoice by informing us of your intention via Line Official.

- If you purchase the product via our website, you will receive an order confirmation via your email.
- If you purchase the product via Line or Instagram, the salesperson will inform you of the order number as a confirmation.
- If you purchase the product via Shopee or Lazada, you can check your order from the ordered items on that application.

About After-sale Service

You can follow and receive the news from online channels as follows: Facebook, Instagram, and Line

You can contact us online via Line ID: @Merii at all times and our salesperson will reply your message as soon as possible in order to help you find what you want.

(Working hours: Monday to Friday during 09:00-17:00 hrs.)

You can also visit our stores to see the products during the service hours of each store.

If the customer is not satisfied with the products or the products are defected or flawed, the customer can return the products within 7 days and we will replace the product or make a refund.

If the customer wants to us to replace the product, the customer can contact a salesperson. If we have checked and found that there is a product available for replacement, the customer can return the purchased product so that we check it and send a new product to the customer. (In case of product replacement, the originally purchased product must be intact and the warranty card must be complete.)

You can have the cleaning service at any Merii counter throughout the product’s lifetime. Click here to find your nearest branch.

If it is not convenient for you to come and have the service at our counters, you can contact us via Line Official in order to send the product for cleaning.

It has a lifetime warranty and free of charge for the first delivery for repairing service. After that the service fee starts from 350 baht. (The service fee depends on the specific repair work.)

The warranty period is 90 days.

In case of error caused by the factory’s production and it can be checked, the Company will be responsible for replacing the product with a new one for the customer in the following cases:

- Fallen gem
- Pale, tarnished, black or red body

In case that the purchased product beyond 90 days is defected from usage, the Company will repair the product and there will be a repair charge.

- In case of pale, tarnished, black, red body, requiring plating for rings, earrings, small pieces of pendant necklace, bracelet, the repair charge is at 350 baht/piece.
- For large pieces of necklace, bracelet, bangle, the repair charge is at 1,000 baht/piece.
- In case of cutting to reduce the size, the service charge is at 350 baht. (The size cannot be increased.)
- In case of a fallen CZ diamond, the repair charge depends on the size of CZ.

*For any product to be sent for repair, the customer must advise the name and telephone number to check the purchased item or use a warranty card to confirm such purchased item.

If the ordered size does not match your finger, it can be returned to change the size by contacting us via Line Official. If our admin checks and finds there is a product available for replacement, the customer can return the product for checking. Then, we will send you a new product. In this regard, the customer must inform us within 2 days after receiving the product.