Behind our beautiful product

Quality Differentiation
Exceptional craftsmanship is the forte of Merii. Besides, with the employment of the highest grade of invaluable materials, the consequence is an exclusive piece of precious costume jewelry with the reception of trustworthiness as well as the achievement of supreme standard. Every facet and feature of our jewelry is meticulously crafted and measured in high-standard quality control prior to delivering to our clientele.
Irresistible Design
From classical manner to fashionable chic, and from refined aesthetics to modern mode, Merii’s exquisite designs are diversified with numerous styles to perfectly match the wearer’s wardrobe. This visual divergence can develop and inspire the passion of habitual accessory use.
Living Concern
Produced form nickel-free materials, Merii items are free from silver allergy or any harmful chemical substances. Its physical-friendly and irritation-free touch absolutely brings about the true comfort and convenience.
Heartfelt Service
To offer the service with integrity and reliability, Merii guarantees the provision of personalized after-sales service to all clienteles. Moreover, long-term commitment of careful handling is carried on by the team of our jewelry experts.
Our Uniqueness

Merii aims to be a Lifestyle jewelry solution with high standard quality decorated with Cubic Zirconia and superior designs.  Merii is the best choice to suit all tastes and occasions, from elegant look to everyday wear.

Lifestyle Jewelry
Unique 100 cut Cubic Zirconia
High quality materials
Essential fashion favorites and for everyday wear



Our Unique 100 Cuts Simulated Diamond 

Merii’s unique 100 cut simulated diamonds provide an absolute consistency in clarity. The brilliance and flashes of color can be observed with naked eyes and remain the same in every stone. 

Fine Setting

Using the same production technique observed in diamond jewelry production, each stone is hand-set with precision. 

All stones larger than 2.5 mm are of the 100 cut standard, meaning there are 100 facets within the stone which elevate its brilliance in all dimensions.

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